"Ladycracker Paintings" - Installation @ Photobastei Zurich (Heimspiel Nr.1 by Fondation JETZT KUNST), 2023

Childhood memories of the small firecrackers, "Ladykracker" or in Swiss German "Frauenfurz", form the starting point of this work.
The trivialization of the female fart already motivated Beatrice in an earlier sculptural work to scale a bound rod of lady farts to the size of sticks of dynamite.

The work currently on view is devoted to the painterly effect of the explosive burning of such small fireworks on a blank white surface. 
The random shapes of the microscopic burn marks, which can only be influenced to a limited extent, follow the universal laws of nature.
According to the principle: The explosions make the painting!

Also in this work Beatrice scales the captured burn marks to monumental size and thus underlines the painterly effect of so-called "female farts", also she gives them the necessary space in the exhibition so that they can not be overlooked.